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I'm calling Steve and inviting him to the party, since I have no timetil then might as well then if Joe comes I'll meet him too...  but I have a feeling in the end of all this I will be very tired from trying to juggle people. ;p  but I really just did get a influx of people.. never before and now two.  anyways....

lets see.. I have stupid today at lunch. :( and i think I'll work on the trim at work more.. gives me something to do... then after I get all taht stuff doen I think I'll just work on the bloody picnic shawl again....  actually, I really wish I could just buy one.. but hey I'll do whatever. ;p  but if I find one.... ;p  anyways...aside from taht I'm just at work.. if I weren't working with stupid I would just call Steve today but since I have stupid....  oh well she has to learn I'm not a waitress, I will work when I get soemthing to do and I'm not stealing and paid per hour... good grief I wish she would quit.  anyways...  not much else to say....  do you know what I've been hankering to make lately? (yes soemthing else)  the breathe dress...  but too much money right now..  perhaps someother time.. I still have to finish Dorme and start on motee.. that will be alot of work with the beads and all... (yeah this is comming from me. ;p )  but I got out my mournng gown last night so it could hang for the party on the 5th, its really wrinkled, so perhasp I'll toss it in the dryer to get de wrinkled... but I worr about the trim taht took me alot of money and time... more the time then the former... but we will see next week if its still bad. hmm.. what else?  not too much else....  its kinda funny to have time in the mornings...  I never d anyhing in the morns at all...  sorry now I'm just rambleing!  I better update the timeline and then I'm off!
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I am seriously thinking ofre doing all my zippers, just going out buying all the invis zips I can find ripping them all out of my costumes and seeing what happens.. however the onlything tht keeps me from doing so is the fact taht the vevlet is very fragile.....  btu my zipper sewing is appaling... :(
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of the mourning gown before I pack off to bed..  I'm putting them in my account in the folder...  I'm too lazy to type out the address so I'll  post the link....  and I'll see if i can get a pic to come up in a sec....  but anyways.. still no ironed, and I'm thinking of putting in toggles and if I want a veil or not...  but I'm thinking not.. but it would be fun... ;p  anyways...  http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f187/lordofhaladin/mourning/?sc=3

and lets see if my "color" for the LJ will work out...  hmmm can't find the link for inserting a pic so...  anyways...  there is the link..  hope you enjoy!  but what for the next project... ;p  perhaps I will work on motee finnally ? or should i work on gwen? ;)  also some "firend"s came by, and they made me feel better....  so I'm not so down.. but anyways...

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but fir a differnt reason...  the dress is DONE!!!!!!  I just finished it!  I'll get pics up soon, I haven't roned it but I have the trim on, its bubling currently, but this dress fits great on me and I just got a "that dress is beautiful" so yay!  (fam is home...) anyways.. I'll get a pic up soon,  but now I'm lonely! nothing left for me to do! ;p  I need to start a new PITA hand work project. ;)  updating the timeline in a tad.  *happy dnace*
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here is where I'm at on my trim, keep in mind this is a 6" hoop and the repete pattern is about 6" its not exact since the things are mostly the same design on top of eachother but you get the point of it.... I'm slowly adding bullion to the parts as I go. so they are the first two pics here http://photobucket.com/albums/f187/lordofhaladin/mourning/?sc=1&multi=2&addtype=local&media=image&test=test or

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

enjoy! (oh! at the top and on the vine, you can see my attempt at bullion and why i decided to go with thread. ;D )
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As far as the secret goes..... I have palnned taht when i get pais I'll order the gladdy fabric, then the next week order the pearls (10-20 of them so that will be about 25 bucks, and if i need it I'll order more bullion.... but we'll see. so... but all hangs on this paycheck. then 200 bucks out for gladdy fabric. and 125 for the fabric (dye too!) and pearls. I've got to get the dye for the trim!


Mar. 12th, 2006 10:28 pm
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the headache from hell is back, but I did get the mourining trim layed out. (and I think the chenille thread hates me, and its going everywhere! (I decided I like it green..... so I'm useing the "wrong" color) but here are some pics...


since I'm lazy I'm just posting a link. the scale one is of use to me anyways b/c my hand like taht is exactly 6" from pinkey to thumb. I have a feeling this will be "fun" ;)
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this makes me sleepy, (the beading, not hte typing. ;p) but anyways.. I definatly have to get some smaller pearls for the big flowers. but the pearls I have are perfect for the small flowers. so thats thire use... but I fear I still have to plot out the emb pattern on te skirts today, I think I'll be done putting the pearls on before long (I've already done 2 sides of the bodice) and I don't want to do the seeds beads till I have the pearls on so.... but anyways.... here is the link to the pearls I want


I'll probably get about 10 starnds of these too. but while I', ordering from them I might as well get a few red seed beads and some gold for the cranberry and I'll see if they have green iris... so..



http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?PN=H152423SB hmm a bit too much... but still its about the same as the otehr ones and more of them..... back to beading!


Mar. 2nd, 2006 10:16 pm
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just adding, on the costuing front, I'm ordering the hushco buttons now. more money! it will cost me roughly 200 bucks to finish my mourning dress I believe, (trim etc.) bvut perhaps I can find some silk and dye it? perhaps my dye I have will owrk and taht will save money....
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well so i could'nt find the exact date (I haven't started keeping a log till recently so sorry about that) but heres waht I could gather

Elrond aug 21 04 - 1/31/05 (inc the belt I had to wait for and the emb and everything else, I actlually finishe in dec, the first date i posted)

Battle dress (I'm still not too happy about it but it's done for now, perhaps if I have a sword I'll be happir with it ;)) 2/27 (or earlier I couldn't find the exact date I started studying it) well not just looked through the archives at ACS and I remember starting studying this dress during Elrond so I'm going with the earliest post there- sept 20 04 - (till I had the Vambraces done) 6/25/05

br trim dyed the fabric 3/5/05 (can't find the date on this one, I'll try the archives again well can't find it but I know for a fact I posted there, and I finished fast in about two months so) 5 somthing
started on the mock 11/23/05
finished dress in about 4 days... (after long hietus) finished 2/7/06

meanwhile 3 Jedi costumes made in one day each about a week before SW ep 3

hope dress start 6/29/05 (all but sleeves form that point on. done is a week from there) - 11/10/05

GG. velvet and trims gotten around 11/27/05 mock strated 11/27/05 finished 1/10/06 (took a break for Disney)

Victory dress started on mock 11/11/05
"finished" the jacket (aside from beads) 11/23/05 (took a break for Disney and money purposes)
dyed the matelasse 1/9/06 finished under dress 1/13/06
finished everything 1/17/06

secret started 1/25/06 finished 6/7/06 must get pics of this

skirt, about 2 days includ embelishments. (can't find dates)  must get pics

fukuhara's shirt about two weeks this thing was a pain! drafting, buyinf, dyeing etc. (too lazy to find dates)

door thing fro DT (not looking for dates) about 4 hours. incl shopping. ;p

mirror. muslin (sometime before march 21st) lining march 26th (cut sewn)
dress fabric ordered march 17th got it april 14th dress cut and sewn april 16th finihed april 19th 2006

mourning gown trim started I don't know, can't find the dates.... possibly feb or march. worked on it on and off. ttrim and dress done 6/21/06 (dress started 6/19/06?) no true mock done. used battle dress "pattern"  need pics of this as well

cranberry started 6/24/06 took break and finished 8/20/06

gwen started 6/14/06 finished (dress and loops) 7/5/06 finished belt 8/20/06

started on dorme belt buckle 8/24/06 dorme mock made sometime 10/05 put up till I started cutting and sewing the jacket 10/21/06 just need to get the fabric and dye for the dress, but the jacket and everything is doen on the 10/25 or so...)  finished dorme (finnally) 4/22/07 but to give myself credit, I did just get the fabric on friday 4/20/07

PR LJ dress.. done in three days at most.. 8 hours will find dates later

headless horseman.. will find date later finished 10/15/06

shield maiden started officialy 10/13/06 underdress(started not done) vest and corset and trim done on 11/12/06 finished everything on 12/16/06 (had to wait for fabric and money though.... so small break)

arya, started on corset 11/12/06 finished corset 11/18/06 finished all

lucius malfoy started 11/26/06 (spent so far 61 bucks, just got beaver fur fomr ebay, for 10 bucks will take some time later to make the clasps and brooch and by the walking stick...) finished the coat, (12/20/06)now I just need to make te clasps and buy the walking stick.. forget the hat... too much fuzz. ;p finished everything except one small detail including gettign the wand and teh belt done I am done 12/29/06

coronation sleeves started somtime in november.... I think... finished both pper sleeves 1/1/07 starting on neckline design same day. (call it boredom. ;p finished the emb n sleeves and underdress, need t add beads and start on the faux trim 1/25/07

random dress

started on mock for POTC wedding on 1/8/07 remocked fabric ordered looked at more, forgot about and started the skirt applique by hand 2/28/07 finished this dress emb etc on 3/30/07  now all I have left to do is the veil and crown thingy and the shoes. shoes and veil done 4/2/07

redheaded wench 2/10/07 finished all but the roses and the accssories like fishnets wig and pumps. but "all" done on 2/15/07

sometime in all this, I also finished Lucius Malfoy deatheater and started on a wedding dress  I really need to update this more often


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