Dec. 20th, 2005 08:56 am
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no power. still.
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Duke Power. still no hope of power. come to find out we don't have people here, they are in Louiesianna we have about 1000 Pike people, so not only are they incompatant (we have reported the downed line and tree three times and its still not on record), but they don't know the system, roads etc. so we have been going to others houses and showering and costomers are feeling sorry for us and letting us barrow lanterns etc. sponge baths in the bathroom of our rest is NOT fun. not to mention no flushing toilets at home is just nasty. if Duke power had actually gotten off thire butts and fixed the trees in the past three years (like they got in trouble to do and was paid to do so during those years) this would not be so bad. and if (since they knew the ice storm would be a problem) sent us back our people we might have lost power but for a whole week is a tad rediculous! (sorry I'm ranting but agghhhh! by-the-by, I'm at the rest, thats how I'm on the comp.

on a better note, yesterday trying to get warm and have lights (which all the lanterns etc are sold out in all od G'ville and easley) we whent to wally world and I got some thread and a zipper for the GG. I still haven't gotten my swatches by-the-by. so thinking of blowing my money and just ordering from FMG and dharma (dye perriwinkle, I think that was the one I was told is more like sky blue) and thai silks(just the matelasse) but non too sure about that. but oh so tempting. at least I can dye things with no power and I bet anything we won't have power till friday. just you wait, if they can't even make a report how can they deploy people? but anyways... fabrics and such for finishing the VD, yay or neigh? oh yes, I'm leaving this public so all can know about Duke power.


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