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first the link to all of them http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f187/lordofhaladin/#

and here are some of the pics...

pics! )
I will get pics of the malfoy coat later on, but you will ahve to wait till sat to see them... so.. ;p enojy!!

heh, and mom and I talked last night, we think dad forgot to put back the money form my b-day present so its  a present fromme, to me from dad. ;p  kinda annoying but funny too, I guess its one of te things that annoy now and later is funny. ;p  good thng it was going to be a surprise so Iam not missing much by not having th emoney I planed on spending. ;p


Nov. 3rd, 2006 02:54 pm
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and one more thing costume oriented. ;p the disney trip, on my b-day I plan on having breakfest in cinderellas castel, dinner at artist point and there is a new Pirate Princess party that I will go to. now, I can dress up. so, should I make the plum dress, and be a pirate princess, make one of the white witches dresses and be a "queen" (a recognizable one) or wear my SM or victory dress depening on if I get the neckline worked on the VD. votenow, but I only have enough to make one.
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okay, I am thinking (I may not due to luggage constaints) of bringing my own date" to disney, he or she will be about 6-10" tall and most of you will know them as R2-D2, (AA will barrow Smeagol) Haldir (marchwarden, or TTT I don't know) or Sauron.  Sauron would be my first choice but he is a little big (as in 10" tall and I have a rather small purse, he wil get to go with me whereever I go, do the things I do, and get his pics with me doing so. ;p  I thought it would be fun, the Roaming Gnome LOTR style. ;p  but I have almost everyone from lotr (no Gandalf or Saruman) and I have Mulder and Scully as well as Picard (grandparents. ;p )  so who do you think should have a chance to go with me? ;p  I may or may not but if I do, you can choose who gets to go with me on the trip of thire lifetime. ;p (I may mention though, tht the more votes I get for Sauron the more I will take him, I have a special fondness for him but that is a long story but I am rather attached to my geekdom (aka action figures)

aside from taht my day is busy, I have most of my things organized I swear I'm bringing too much but you never know... you know?oh well....


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