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who knew it woudl be such a hassle!! anywyas I decided to sell my battle dress and possibly others.. but I dont know.. may or may not... anyways... the listing is here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=180169962179&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=008 though I doubt anyone will want to buy it on my f-list as you are all costumers. ;p

anyways.. aside from taht I hate monadays but you all know that I have to work ina few hours.. so off I go...
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I woke up and I was at home everyone esle was at work. huh. it really bugs me that dad has no abillity to see others POV. ever.  anyways.. I have things that I need to do before I can consiter leaving. I need to call the Vet and get Pips medication redone and I need to get my haircut and the such.  anyways... thanks guys again. this really has been a sucketh week huh? on a brighter note, I won my sword off ebay, its not a UC one but it looked okay and for 1/2 the price of even a old banged up one this one is pretty darned good IMO.


Nov. 27th, 2006 02:43 pm
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tired. busy. I hope its not tonight. nap now.


Nov. 10th, 2006 03:05 pm
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new Arya pic!  I so am making this costume, yes Fairy, you win. ;p  but I need to mock it and suck... I also take it back, it looks like the whole skirt is bias cut and it has what I call spiril seams.. not gores...  perhaps gores too though.. anyways.. I'm too tired ad way too excited, I jut have to print it at work tongiht, and *rubs hands* perhasp I'll play tonight? well I can't sleep anyways.. ;p


Oct. 30th, 2006 03:01 pm
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the time change is killing me.. I'm off to take a nap.. I hope its slow.. got two of my books.. makes me want to buy more.. I love books. :)
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I'm calling Steve and inviting him to the party, since I have no timetil then might as well then if Joe comes I'll meet him too...  but I have a feeling in the end of all this I will be very tired from trying to juggle people. ;p  but I really just did get a influx of people.. never before and now two.  anyways....

lets see.. I have stupid today at lunch. :( and i think I'll work on the trim at work more.. gives me something to do... then after I get all taht stuff doen I think I'll just work on the bloody picnic shawl again....  actually, I really wish I could just buy one.. but hey I'll do whatever. ;p  but if I find one.... ;p  anyways...aside from taht I'm just at work.. if I weren't working with stupid I would just call Steve today but since I have stupid....  oh well she has to learn I'm not a waitress, I will work when I get soemthing to do and I'm not stealing and paid per hour... good grief I wish she would quit.  anyways...  not much else to say....  do you know what I've been hankering to make lately? (yes soemthing else)  the breathe dress...  but too much money right now..  perhaps someother time.. I still have to finish Dorme and start on motee.. that will be alot of work with the beads and all... (yeah this is comming from me. ;p )  but I got out my mournng gown last night so it could hang for the party on the 5th, its really wrinkled, so perhasp I'll toss it in the dryer to get de wrinkled... but I worr about the trim taht took me alot of money and time... more the time then the former... but we will see next week if its still bad. hmm.. what else?  not too much else....  its kinda funny to have time in the mornings...  I never d anyhing in the morns at all...  sorry now I'm just rambleing!  I better update the timeline and then I'm off!
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its monday.. not so bad since I have ted, but still monday....  I am supposed to get my fabric today.. darn! I really wish I got that dupini that I was gonna order form there when I had that cupon! and the saten too.. ah well....  anyways.... gah!  costume add!  anywys...  I have to work all day but I'm planning for wed I need to vaccum again, and change my sheets then I think I'll play. ;p  I don't even remember what all I got.. I just know what I didn't get! ;p  anyways...  I need to find a double needle and a pintucking foot...  then I can start thinking of ordering some fabric for the sm dress...  but first I beter start muslining!  and I need to cut and sew all I can of the jacket.. I need to find some lining fabric and a hoop as well...  anyways. I really have to get my head out of the clouds and back to work.. what a bubble popper.


Oct. 12th, 2006 09:53 pm
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gah!  I'm so tired and it was so dead that Dad closed 15 mins early. .I so wish dad would let me have tomarrow off.. cross your fingers for me.  but I doubt he will let me...  oh well....I really am tired.. I just know I wont beable to sleep.  perhaps I'll figure out something to emb while I'm stuck at work.. was working on the pattern for the SM corset and vest but still I can't really do anthign abot that till I'm home..  but I could emb.. or I could get back to the picnic shawl.. I really don't feel like that though... *sigh* ah well.... I'm off to contemplate bordom tomarrow.
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okay well working on th HH (headless horseman) costume doublet, I was cutting it out since there is no way in hell I can make a accurate muslin of this sicne I will have to bind my breats and Gertie has no head to cover up, its all guess work, and I got WAY more black fabric then I will need ont his costume,  but the fun thing is, it ravels like there is no tomarrow!  lets put it this way. its worse then dupioni on a raveling spree.  these two can race.  anyways.. I then had to vaccum. bad since my floor is a horrid teal color with rust and coffe stains (not mine!  it came like that! and the ugly carpet and walpaper) was now black. with teal spots.  yes it was that bad.  but nwo my allerifes are bad sicne I had to empty the vaccum (bagless, ugh!) and then got dirt and dust in my batrhroom.  cleaned taht up and started laundry.  I MENT to work on sewing the doublet big parts all togetehr btu i don't think I'll be that industrius today... also i was gonna post pics but I really don't have time today... I haven't even taken pics yet! ;p  anyways.. getting time to get ready to go to work so I'm off!
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takken from [profile] scotia_sammyjo http://www.loadingreadyrun.com/showmovie.php?x=480&y=360&url=talklikepirate.mov&name=How+to%20Talk%20like%20a%20Pirate  okay well the link button doesn't like me.. but this is amusing nonetheless.. I needed it on the 19th! ;)

anyways.. I got someone to cover me for a shift off, I slept in god that felt good!  I need to work on laundry (again) andn I'm back at work at 4  anyways.. I'll make the best of what time I have.. laundry or no. ;)  anyways.. off I go!

oh, but also  Ted is asking me to make a chef coat..  but out of something that doesn't get dirty easy, a color that looks good, and he wants me to  think of a price.. he wants two....  okay now.. I just need you guys to help me (homework time for ya'll! ;) not really just a joke.. ;p )  what fabric will look good, and not get too dirty? :-/  heavy cotton is what our coats are usually made of, btu they get filthy, and poly is bad 'cause if it gets too hot it will melt on you...  any ideas? suggestions?  tahnks


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