Nov. 19th, 2005 10:53 pm
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hmmm who chaged my keyboard settings?

anyway, having the book infront of me, i was looking at the Motee pic, and I found that under the bais cut chiffon there is a skin colored netting holding it all in place. also it looks as if they were orignaly going to make her dress (under shirt) and raglan sleeve but decided not to after they cut it out, (thus the small triangle at the top of her shoulder) there is also some funny seaming at teh arm scye that leads me to belive that. so somthing to think about....
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okay here are the swatches I got, (yes I'm bumed I didn't get more Padmé swtches but still....!)

Obi-Wan s outer robe/taberds +very loosly woven natural (what seems to be) silk or cotton. and the pants fabric = stiff twill, almost denim like in feel
and wool cloak.

Neimodian Gunner black rubber like stuff, (makes me think of mouse pad fabric, can't think of the right name...)

Padmé green devoré velvet the velvet, silk, actually its the color of the denver fabrics washed rayon velvet antieque gold. and some silk (I'm assuming its the lining.

Neimoidian Aide the top middle and bottom layers, (with exception to the texured stuff. looks like synthetcis.

Padmé burgundy cutvelvet some texured silk stuff, not sure where it goes.

Bail Organa velvet senate all of his fabrics. two felts (yes felt) one coarse cotton(?) thing a silk shot taffta green/blue silk velvt and silk twill.

Anakin (not the man, just the swatches. ;)) tabbard, over robe, and something texured, thats grey, the latter feel like silk possibly blends. the leather is backed with somthing and is very soft. the over robe is wool, or wool blend, (keep in mind these are all first impressions with no reaserch) it's black and choc brown (think dark hersheys.)

Palpatine grey federation robe all of the swatches, shot silk taffta, green and grey, somthing hard, has plastic brissles as the weft threads, green and black, something else nasty to feel , black and green, and the over robe stuff. wool felt on the back (grey and black) with black glue(?) on top, feels plastic and reptillian, but moves well... odd...

Padmé peacock and brown the coat liningshot choc brown with black silk somthing (taffta?) and the over coat fabric, blue backing tequise) with choc (a lt, cramy)brown almost reddish and black swirls (the black is in dots)

handmaiden1 (the grey handmaiden) some very cool purple/grey/lavendernetting with rows of layers, (I'll take pics of all theses later) hard to discribe when sleepy. the cloak fabric, shot (very stif, pruple and lighter purple.rayon? blend? the grey silk velvet for the skirt. beautiful color! its backing is purple, but the pile is silver. some very thing silk charmuese(?) dk purple/grey. some texured stuff, purple(black backing) I'm thinking synthetic.

and that is the end of my swtch book. anyone who has this want to shre thire swatches?
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I WANT TO GO!!!!!!! I really want the book too! when i have 300 extra bucks I'm getting it, I swear. I want to make the wedding gown!


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