I'm back!

Sep. 5th, 2005 11:16 pm
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well, I'm back and like I said I didn't get much done at all, today i got home washed my dog did one cluster and went shopping, (yes I'm bad, but it was for costuming things, now I really am in the hole for this week) got some cording, thread and a zipper.

also went to see Brothers Grimm. a very bad movie and I was sorly disapointed b/c the fact that they hardly show the red witch in the movie! but anyways I think the majority of the costume is silk habotai not velvet, it was too flowy for being velvet, so my new opinion is crinkle silk habotai and lined. thats all for now...

in TN

Sep. 3rd, 2005 07:50 pm
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well I'm here, so less posts for a few. (slow internet conection, thus more with drawl from me and when I do get back I'll probably post like theres no tomrrow!) anyway I think I'll get less beading done then I thought so.. oh well. but I do plan on getting the reserch done for the victory dress then when I get home on to the mocks of both the br dress and the victory dress (hopefully) I also want to take a look at the red witches dress, though that is in the back and in the if's. okay well.. I'll try to keep up with the beading here. (it's so nice not to have anything, and not be able to do anything, to do for a day and a half) oh and also found a few patterns I'm thinking I could modify, (I can't remember the numbersI'll post later when I figure out if I can use it, also thinkgin about the just breathe dress but not sure)

red witch

Aug. 29th, 2005 04:50 pm
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well got some swatches (from distinctivefabric.com) for the red witch, I don't like the crushed velvet at all but I really like the lining brocade, (I'm trying to post a pic) it's synthetci (thats the down side) unfortunatly it's a tad expensive for being synthetic (heres the link http://www.distinctivefabric.com/fabric.php?product=BAMBBROC
got red) *sigh* well I'll post pics asap.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 09:22 pm
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aggghhhh! I jsut wrote this all out and this just erased it all!

(just breathe) okay I got alot of beading done (four clusters) I had to take alot of breaks and time b/c I still have this killer headache, but all in all I've had a productive day, like i said i got some beading done, I did housework, we went to the new house and cleaned a tad more.  got Pip a new toy and some dog food, and I've now decided it's bad for me to look at the Red Witches costume from Brothers Grimm, the more I see it the more I want to make it!  but first i have to make the victory dress the br dress and finish the hope dress (and that is why I need to be a millionaire and have about 5 dummies, I so need another dummy, (so i can start on all these mocks)) I need to still figure out why my printer is kaput then i can really study the red costume, but I think it's all crushed red velvet and about 8-10mm habotai with boning. but it looks fairly simple to construct.  and also as for the br dress I need to get habotai, dye, navy silk velvet, and the red silk velvet (I asked [livejournal.com profile] padawansguide  since she just finished her br dress, thanks again [livejournal.com profile] cleopatramwi ) and I will need about 5 yrds for the sleeves, so 5 for the body of both the underdress and overdress and 5 more for the sleeves and the lining.  I'm thinking it's cheeper if I just get a 10-50 yard bolt of habotai from Dharma and that should cover a few things. and on top of all this I'm thinking of re-doing the under dress of my battle dress (I'm just not too happy with it, I want silk chiffon and silk lining I get hot easily and I need fabric to breathe) but thats on the back of my project list. oh and I also want to do the "Just Breathe" dress from Ever After, I'm just getting that I should invest in another dummy (and a fabric company of my own ;) ) and I should make a list to keep my priorities in line.  okay my headache is gone now and I'm feeling up to another beading marathon!

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yes I'm adding more things to my list, I want to do the red witches outfit from Brothers Grimm, but wouldn't you know the printer whent kaputt just now so not reaserch....


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