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consiterable better then yesterday. got lunch, got a shower (of sorts till no water pressuer but better then no hot water) and got three clusters done so far. so Im happy right now.


Oct. 12th, 2005 01:54 pm
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I'm online! yippee! woohoo! I'm so happy! now for a wireless laptop (yes I can no longer be cheap and get a desktop.) for my room and I can have net in my room! but I'm back!


Oct. 8th, 2005 08:03 pm
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NEVER BUY MINI BLINDS. EVER. even when your neibour is a peeping tom and flashes you. and he has a good veiw of you bedroom and bathroom.


Oct. 2nd, 2005 09:41 pm
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I have done nothing on the emb today, all I've done is move. but I just thought it was interesting, I've been looking into 1860-1900 costumes/clothes/underpinnings, well the piano at the new house, appernetly from the 1880's time, just thought it was interesting that that is the same time period. anyway it made me think of something a firend told me a long time agao, I said i hated history and she told me to just study it b/c you'll never know what or when you'll use/need it. how true it is. and thats what I'll always remember her saying. (she died exatcly a year ago)


Sep. 18th, 2005 09:00 pm
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well nothing much done in the costume dept. I've been moving all day long! moved most of my furniture (Dad broke my 100 year old desk I got for my b-day, and almost destroied my shelf my Papa made for me) and I moved most of my sewing stuff (to try to keep focused on my sleeves) so thats all for now, will try to do some emb before I go to bed....


Sep. 12th, 2005 11:51 am
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okay well talk about withdrawl! I only got on the comp once! but in that time we moved alot of boxes, I beaded three clusters and I felt bad so i ate my soy ice cream, but me having no self controll what soever, ate the whole pint, so I didn't do much else. so so far i'm catching up in e-mail and then i'm going to bead more. I hope. also AA has a floor in the house, (yay!) so perhaps she wont have to stay in my room? no, I won't let my hopes up that high... ;)


Aug. 26th, 2005 01:50 pm
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well beaded some more this time I'm doing better on time (20 mins for the whole thing) so perhaps if I get a move on I can have it all done by dec 3.  and I've calculated wrong the first time only 77 clusters (combining the halves I have in there)  and I have 15 done, I've used about hald a lb of the 1/4" bugals I got from firemountain (I ordered 3 lbs now I guess I wont have to order more for the requieum trim I was planing on doing further down the line) and I've only used about 7.5 grams of the 1/8" bugals for the 15 clusters and about 6 grams for the seed beads (and i think I have about 120 grams of each of those right now) so I should have enough so i can finish, but I keep having a panic attack that the stores will suddenly quit selling them and I'll be stuck without the beads I need so I keep compulsivly buying more and more beads every time I go to the store (the unexspected expense I mentioned)  and for some reason i don't ever buy more beading needles (dispite the fact I keep breaking them, but so far I've had incredably good luck for me anyway and the pack I bought had 5 needles in it instead of 4 so I'm good for now)  oh well I'm happy for now, I hope I get paid for last week soon and I hope I get paid for this week on sat (my reg pay day) I have to take time off (next sat) so I can got to TN and visit the Grandparents, (Papas surgery is on the 8th) so i have to remember to tell Hiro that I need the 3rd off.  hate last minute things.....   also thinking of actually starting on my mocks and ordering fabric but can't decide what I want to do first br or victory.....  also have to figure out if the insert is emb or paint or couched somthing.... oh and got some (free) swatches from distinctivefabric.com for the red witches costume for the velvet (I'm sure its silk velvet crushed) unfortunatly stretch, and some brocade for the lining (also synthetic) but this is just a quick thing if I actually decide on absolutly doing this costume I might opt for more expensive fabric, silks and such. but still undecided and have alot going on right now.  oh not to mention we have to be out of the house by the end of Sept, so have to finish cleaning on Sunday and start moving things in.  I wanted to see brothers Grimm on Sun but first things first....  oh and also wrote to thai silks due to the new sense of urgency to get the fabric to see if they have a tracking number....
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well avoiding packing... throwing away lot of junk I didn't even know I had. working on the sleeves, I almost have the emb on one sleeve done, then I have to bead it..... I'm thinking of leaving the parts that will be close to the seam un embelished (I can just see my demonic machine eating my emb after all this work), but we'll see how it looks when i cut out the pcs. on the other hand I've been looking at ways to decorate my new room.. lots of work to be done in that area, filthy seafoam green carpet, small room (that I have to share till we get the other room converted) with horrid walpaper, I'm thinking I'll go with Rivendell colors, or go the "moracan" route.. but can't see the forest through the trees at the moment, ah well I might get my shelves packed and eat then it will be time to go to bed. I think I'll eat first. reminder, bring knife to rest tomarrow to be sharpened. I hate the new hat by the by, I'll just live with people playing with my hair and wear the old one, the new one doesn't fit right.


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