Aug. 14th, 2005 02:31 pm
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changing adresses is the part I hate most about moving, I never remeber to change all the subscriptions...
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agh, the last entry was sopposed to be for friends only but I can't change it now, blast.....

found out that my dog has OCD and eczema, and to top it off I really think he needs doggie prozac. poor Pip.

and I think I found some fabric for my victory jacket, it is green, (so i have to figure out what to do about that) and it has the flowers on it (not leaves) but if thai silks doesn't get the other fabric in then I'll use it, it's (right now) a really ugly dress thing that people whome I dislike (and they dislike me right back) got me years ago, I think its poly but I'm sure I can tint it into a better color, I hope. but one probelm I've run into is that the fabric i got to be the hip garnish is a tad too yellow to look nice with the blue I'm aiming for, but I'll see what I can do, first I have to pre wash it and age it so it's not so stiff, perhaps that will make it so It's not soo noticable that it's the wrong color.. and as a second thought although I would love to have the scrolling pattern for the front insert I don't think it will happen so I'll just use the fabric i got for the garnishes for that too then i don't have to worry so much about dying the other fabric (that would have been the insert) to match the garnish fabric... and I think I'm done packing my entire room with exception to the lanterns, my desk, and my costuming/sewing stuff. oh and I was thinking of planting "dyers" garden at the new house and making a dye house, just for the fun of it.


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