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I'm calling Steve and inviting him to the party, since I have no timetil then might as well then if Joe comes I'll meet him too...  but I have a feeling in the end of all this I will be very tired from trying to juggle people. ;p  but I really just did get a influx of people.. never before and now two.  anyways....

lets see.. I have stupid today at lunch. :( and i think I'll work on the trim at work more.. gives me something to do... then after I get all taht stuff doen I think I'll just work on the bloody picnic shawl again....  actually, I really wish I could just buy one.. but hey I'll do whatever. ;p  but if I find one.... ;p  anyways...aside from taht I'm just at work.. if I weren't working with stupid I would just call Steve today but since I have stupid....  oh well she has to learn I'm not a waitress, I will work when I get soemthing to do and I'm not stealing and paid per hour... good grief I wish she would quit.  anyways...  not much else to say....  do you know what I've been hankering to make lately? (yes soemthing else)  the breathe dress...  but too much money right now..  perhaps someother time.. I still have to finish Dorme and start on motee.. that will be alot of work with the beads and all... (yeah this is comming from me. ;p )  but I got out my mournng gown last night so it could hang for the party on the 5th, its really wrinkled, so perhasp I'll toss it in the dryer to get de wrinkled... but I worr about the trim taht took me alot of money and time... more the time then the former... but we will see next week if its still bad. hmm.. what else?  not too much else....  its kinda funny to have time in the mornings...  I never d anyhing in the morns at all...  sorry now I'm just rambleing!  I better update the timeline and then I'm off!


Jun. 23rd, 2006 03:06 pm
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oh boy I'm tired!  I'm gonna take a nap in a few.. but sheesh its HOT!  anyways..  I didn't do much at work, we ate snacks all day so.. ;p  everyone seems in a good mood but Mom is sick. :(  hmmm...  I think you guys have made me make up my mind... or at least give me a push tword two costumes.....  cranberry, or the water gown.  and if I have the money I'll get on to motee... I think I wan tto get silk velvet, but I'm still not too sure.. but the two main ones are the top two.  now, ina bink a bottle of ink....... ;)  

you know I waas thinking, its amazing how uplifting you guys are, really, i can feel totally down in the dumps, but you guys are fantastic.  *hugs everyone*  thank you very much. and reading  the "letters" from [personal profile] logospilgrim is very nice too.  I applaud you all fror getting me out faster then I've ever gotten.  and a heartfelt thatnk you to you all.  

I've been feeling like a airhead (heh, Fairy.. ;p )  and can't really think and words aren't making sense right now, its like I read and it doesn't make sense, but I do my best.  I'm worrying about school lately though. the GED mostly though.. but the more I think about it  the more I wan tto get a shop done and school done and traveling!  but it all starts with the GED.  so that is on my adgenda..  look for the GEd.  now I really am tired and I don' have much time, but I love you all once again, thank you!  but anyways.. I'm off for a nap!  now the dual begins between costumes... ;p


Nov. 19th, 2005 10:53 pm
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hmmm who chaged my keyboard settings?

anyway, having the book infront of me, i was looking at the Motee pic, and I found that under the bais cut chiffon there is a skin colored netting holding it all in place. also it looks as if they were orignaly going to make her dress (under shirt) and raglan sleeve but decided not to after they cut it out, (thus the small triangle at the top of her shoulder) there is also some funny seaming at teh arm scye that leads me to belive that. so somthing to think about....

boo hiss

Oct. 27th, 2005 08:05 pm
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*sigh* stuck at work all day today, so no progress on hope today either. I don't even get to study things due to the fact of not being at home. and wouldn't if figure that now theres a great full front of Motee? gah. stupid computer.... so all you out there, be glad you have a shower with hot water, and your net works AT HOME!


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