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I am seriously thinking ofre doing all my zippers, just going out buying all the invis zips I can find ripping them all out of my costumes and seeing what happens.. however the onlything tht keeps me from doing so is the fact taht the vevlet is very fragile.....  btu my zipper sewing is appaling... :(


Jul. 19th, 2006 12:37 pm
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  I am impressed with myself!  i woke up at 10 and well this was my list of things to get done:

finish dress: sew zipper, hem, trim, sew on sash.
clean dresser, clean room,
clean bathroom, 
do laundry
take pics of dress, scketch of idea, and br dress and hope (working on getting all dresses)

what I got done by now.:

cleaned room
cleand bathroom
striaightened room
took pics of hope, dress, br (sorry forgot about the gwen dress, but it maostly looks the saem but with the bead on it.. if we o to anderson today I'll ask to go and get trim for the belt)
took pics of the sketches
worked out a little.
uploaded pics to new photobucket account
mostly finished dress but one thing that i need an opinion on

so yay! all i have left is to do laundry!

but sicne i got to work out i feel so much better. I need to work out on weds... that seems good. :)

anyways.... I ahve the pics here http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m190/costumeslordofhaladin/?sc=1&multi=19&addtype=local&media=image  I hope it works.  the name of the album is costumeslordofhaladin that is for me to remember. ;p  I hope you all can get in this one... if not I'll post some pics of them here...  I hope I can post a pic here too....

okay this is the question.  do you like this neckline better?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

the criss cross, or this one

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

its more of a square, neck. not coss?  I kinda like this one better.. but at the same time.......but anyways.. this is how its standing now. (the first pic)  its ironed so its more smooth and not so bulky.. but I'm not liking the dress on me.  well perhasp it has something to do with the fact taht it was 2 in the morning whe I tried it on.. ;p  but this dress needs me to wear a shaper! ;p

oh here is the idea I got from the stroy fairy, you can't read the writing but its the "battle garb". ;p

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

and here is the concept for the dress.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

and in the folder is some pics of the hope and br gowns. :)  and see, its not lined, justthe underdress and the jumper.... its due to the fact that I plan to wear it out sometime and its never cool enough to have about 4 layers! ;p  anyways  just 'cause..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

sorry they are scewed but I got them up! :D

hmmm can't get any of my br dress... its just not lettingme. :(  but they are all here
now for laundry! :)


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