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my dummy has a name, it just hit me. she seems like a "Gertrude" so shes now Gertie, I think. ;)


Aug. 23rd, 2005 09:22 pm
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aggghhhh! I jsut wrote this all out and this just erased it all!

(just breathe) okay I got alot of beading done (four clusters) I had to take alot of breaks and time b/c I still have this killer headache, but all in all I've had a productive day, like i said i got some beading done, I did housework, we went to the new house and cleaned a tad more.  got Pip a new toy and some dog food, and I've now decided it's bad for me to look at the Red Witches costume from Brothers Grimm, the more I see it the more I want to make it!  but first i have to make the victory dress the br dress and finish the hope dress (and that is why I need to be a millionaire and have about 5 dummies, I so need another dummy, (so i can start on all these mocks)) I need to still figure out why my printer is kaput then i can really study the red costume, but I think it's all crushed red velvet and about 8-10mm habotai with boning. but it looks fairly simple to construct.  and also as for the br dress I need to get habotai, dye, navy silk velvet, and the red silk velvet (I asked [livejournal.com profile] padawansguide  since she just finished her br dress, thanks again [livejournal.com profile] cleopatramwi ) and I will need about 5 yrds for the sleeves, so 5 for the body of both the underdress and overdress and 5 more for the sleeves and the lining.  I'm thinking it's cheeper if I just get a 10-50 yard bolt of habotai from Dharma and that should cover a few things. and on top of all this I'm thinking of re-doing the under dress of my battle dress (I'm just not too happy with it, I want silk chiffon and silk lining I get hot easily and I need fabric to breathe) but thats on the back of my project list. oh and I also want to do the "Just Breathe" dress from Ever After, I'm just getting that I should invest in another dummy (and a fabric company of my own ;) ) and I should make a list to keep my priorities in line.  okay my headache is gone now and I'm feeling up to another beading marathon!


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