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well.. I just spent time making the "slip" for the Sm underdress thing, I have the collar, and the skirt, and now I can't do anthing with the SM till I have the fabric... *sigh* oh well.. now though I will be adding some emb to the collar, I did put some on but I think instead of doing the real emb I think I will tie in my squiggles formt he corset emb.. just to meash everything. :D  so i'm on my way to do that now.

now, i did start on my mock for Arya. OMG.I think I will go nuts!!! too many seams! aggghhhh!!! ;) but I think I will have to draw it out more... but i have an idea for the back... I'll see how it all goes.. but no more on the mock tongiht.. I have pateince for it tonight...  curved seams.. love to hate them.. and I'll tell you what, they DO hate me.  but I will have to play with this... leather doesn't stretch so I have to get this right in the mock. let alone the skirt! but corset first.. else I go more nuts. ;p  anyways.. emb is calling!  I need to find a icon with Arya and Eowyn to mesh my current projects.. nad dont forget Dorme! ;p

oh yes

Oct. 29th, 2006 07:12 pm
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and I so need to buy the fabroc and dyes for te dorme shirt and skirt. ;p


Oct. 29th, 2006 07:09 pm
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well lets see.. I'm gonn fill out the GED thing before it wigs me out more an I will send it tomarrow.

I finished all I can of the jacket (yay) took pics on my phone but it wont get here so...  but it looks nice dispite the problems it has caused.  Roberta is throwing thread vomit at me so I have to clean taht up..  but aside fromt aht I'm ready for tonight to end so I can conquer the world tomarrow. ;p
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from spending more moeny and watching MA...

I personally loved it, and I have to say I stoped counting the costume changes fro MA at 40, but everyone was prettier then the last.  but anyways...  I'm so buying that when it comes out.  now, I'm off to workon the jacket more.


Oct. 29th, 2006 10:15 am
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g'morning all! doncha love sleeping in when DLST ENDS? ;p  

anyways.. I think I forgot to post yesterday taht I am about 1/6th done with all the trim! so very close.. (yea dosnt sounds like it but..)  and I think I will finish up on the jacket bodice today if I can...

sleep was inturrupted last night, things really do go bump in the night here.. esp at what would be 3 AM

anyways.. I need to do laundry, and I would call Steve, he did say to call him and we could chat but I don't know....

we are planning to see MA today so yay! well sicne my sis wont get out of the bathroom I'll workon dorme now. ;p
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I'm calling Steve and inviting him to the party, since I have no timetil then might as well then if Joe comes I'll meet him too...  but I have a feeling in the end of all this I will be very tired from trying to juggle people. ;p  but I really just did get a influx of people.. never before and now two.  anyways....

lets see.. I have stupid today at lunch. :( and i think I'll work on the trim at work more.. gives me something to do... then after I get all taht stuff doen I think I'll just work on the bloody picnic shawl again....  actually, I really wish I could just buy one.. but hey I'll do whatever. ;p  but if I find one.... ;p  anyways...aside from taht I'm just at work.. if I weren't working with stupid I would just call Steve today but since I have stupid....  oh well she has to learn I'm not a waitress, I will work when I get soemthing to do and I'm not stealing and paid per hour... good grief I wish she would quit.  anyways...  not much else to say....  do you know what I've been hankering to make lately? (yes soemthing else)  the breathe dress...  but too much money right now..  perhaps someother time.. I still have to finish Dorme and start on motee.. that will be alot of work with the beads and all... (yeah this is comming from me. ;p )  but I got out my mournng gown last night so it could hang for the party on the 5th, its really wrinkled, so perhasp I'll toss it in the dryer to get de wrinkled... but I worr about the trim taht took me alot of money and time... more the time then the former... but we will see next week if its still bad. hmm.. what else?  not too much else....  its kinda funny to have time in the mornings...  I never d anyhing in the morns at all...  sorry now I'm just rambleing!  I better update the timeline and then I'm off!


Oct. 22nd, 2006 03:21 pm
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well I can't get image shck to work.. so here is the link to my photobucket.... http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f187/lordofhaladin/?sc=1&addtype=local
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its monday.. not so bad since I have ted, but still monday....  I am supposed to get my fabric today.. darn! I really wish I got that dupini that I was gonna order form there when I had that cupon! and the saten too.. ah well....  anyways.... gah!  costume add!  anywys...  I have to work all day but I'm planning for wed I need to vaccum again, and change my sheets then I think I'll play. ;p  I don't even remember what all I got.. I just know what I didn't get! ;p  anyways...  I need to find a double needle and a pintucking foot...  then I can start thinking of ordering some fabric for the sm dress...  but first I beter start muslining!  and I need to cut and sew all I can of the jacket.. I need to find some lining fabric and a hoop as well...  anyways. I really have to get my head out of the clouds and back to work.. what a bubble popper.


Oct. 16th, 2006 12:04 am
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I got out the mock for he dorme jacket.. I may start on that sometime soon.. I just need a hoop skirt...  then I can at least work on the jacket....  bt I have a feeling this one will take a ong time.. but I really need to get my booty in gear.. ;p

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here are the pics of the "finished" buckle  

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I worked on Dorme, here is where I'm at right now

  Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

the colors I'm using are  DMC317,742, 3041, 3688, 368  they hould look nice together. :)  anyways.. thats about it.. now there are some memes going around so... ;p

ugh still

Aug. 24th, 2006 03:10 pm
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still feeling iffy...  and I worked on the buckle at work till I got busy so read this as "I got nothing done on it" ;p  anyways... I'm off to take a nap...
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well so i could'nt find the exact date (I haven't started keeping a log till recently so sorry about that) but heres waht I could gather

Elrond aug 21 04 - 1/31/05 (inc the belt I had to wait for and the emb and everything else, I actlually finishe in dec, the first date i posted)

Battle dress (I'm still not too happy about it but it's done for now, perhaps if I have a sword I'll be happir with it ;)) 2/27 (or earlier I couldn't find the exact date I started studying it) well not just looked through the archives at ACS and I remember starting studying this dress during Elrond so I'm going with the earliest post there- sept 20 04 - (till I had the Vambraces done) 6/25/05

br trim dyed the fabric 3/5/05 (can't find the date on this one, I'll try the archives again well can't find it but I know for a fact I posted there, and I finished fast in about two months so) 5 somthing
started on the mock 11/23/05
finished dress in about 4 days... (after long hietus) finished 2/7/06

meanwhile 3 Jedi costumes made in one day each about a week before SW ep 3

hope dress start 6/29/05 (all but sleeves form that point on. done is a week from there) - 11/10/05

GG. velvet and trims gotten around 11/27/05 mock strated 11/27/05 finished 1/10/06 (took a break for Disney)

Victory dress started on mock 11/11/05
"finished" the jacket (aside from beads) 11/23/05 (took a break for Disney and money purposes)
dyed the matelasse 1/9/06 finished under dress 1/13/06
finished everything 1/17/06

secret started 1/25/06 finished 6/7/06 must get pics of this

skirt, about 2 days includ embelishments. (can't find dates)  must get pics

fukuhara's shirt about two weeks this thing was a pain! drafting, buyinf, dyeing etc. (too lazy to find dates)

door thing fro DT (not looking for dates) about 4 hours. incl shopping. ;p

mirror. muslin (sometime before march 21st) lining march 26th (cut sewn)
dress fabric ordered march 17th got it april 14th dress cut and sewn april 16th finihed april 19th 2006

mourning gown trim started I don't know, can't find the dates.... possibly feb or march. worked on it on and off. ttrim and dress done 6/21/06 (dress started 6/19/06?) no true mock done. used battle dress "pattern"  need pics of this as well

cranberry started 6/24/06 took break and finished 8/20/06

gwen started 6/14/06 finished (dress and loops) 7/5/06 finished belt 8/20/06

started on dorme belt buckle 8/24/06 dorme mock made sometime 10/05 put up till I started cutting and sewing the jacket 10/21/06 just need to get the fabric and dye for the dress, but the jacket and everything is doen on the 10/25 or so...)  finished dorme (finnally) 4/22/07 but to give myself credit, I did just get the fabric on friday 4/20/07

PR LJ dress.. done in three days at most.. 8 hours will find dates later

headless horseman.. will find date later finished 10/15/06

shield maiden started officialy 10/13/06 underdress(started not done) vest and corset and trim done on 11/12/06 finished everything on 12/16/06 (had to wait for fabric and money though.... so small break)

arya, started on corset 11/12/06 finished corset 11/18/06 finished all

lucius malfoy started 11/26/06 (spent so far 61 bucks, just got beaver fur fomr ebay, for 10 bucks will take some time later to make the clasps and brooch and by the walking stick...) finished the coat, (12/20/06)now I just need to make te clasps and buy the walking stick.. forget the hat... too much fuzz. ;p finished everything except one small detail including gettign the wand and teh belt done I am done 12/29/06

coronation sleeves started somtime in november.... I think... finished both pper sleeves 1/1/07 starting on neckline design same day. (call it boredom. ;p finished the emb n sleeves and underdress, need t add beads and start on the faux trim 1/25/07

random dress

started on mock for POTC wedding on 1/8/07 remocked fabric ordered looked at more, forgot about and started the skirt applique by hand 2/28/07 finished this dress emb etc on 3/30/07  now all I have left to do is the veil and crown thingy and the shoes. shoes and veil done 4/2/07

redheaded wench 2/10/07 finished all but the roses and the accssories like fishnets wig and pumps. but "all" done on 2/15/07

sometime in all this, I also finished Lucius Malfoy deatheater and started on a wedding dress  I really need to update this more often


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