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okay out of sheer bordom and the annoyence fact heres what i would neev=d for the breathe dress (keep in mind I haven't fully studied this dress yet)

5 yards of satin I know nothing about satin so I will go by pics and the best color and pics are thai sliks duchess satin cream or ivory (I don't know yet) and that would be $30.35 per yard $151.75 whoops for got the sleeves add about 2 yards $212.45

I need about 16 yards of silver lurux organza at $11.25 a pop so $181.60 and about12 yards of gold $135.00

I need about 2 yards of tulle lace I can't find that right now so no price and some (chantilly?) lace for neckline and cuffs so..... 2- 2 1/2 yards? and i don't know whaere to get that either so also no price

lining for the sleeves is a possiblitiy so add about another $20 dollars 9I'de go cheap and get that from dharma)

and add about 100 or so ft of bullion I don't have a place or price for that either...

and beads = pearls firemountain hvent studied enought o know whay size o no price yet

and what i just noticed, lace for the insert under the front so about 1 yard to 1/2 yard $4.99 at thai silks but I don't like that one so I'de go shopping.

and a load of notions, so add about another $100 for the metallic thread etc. add shipping so probably $100 more so my sub total 9with out most things) is $567.45 ouch I think this dress will have to stay in the back for a tad and the things willneed to be bought in incrimints when i have extra cash. (this sub is with out the bullion, lace, tulle, beads, and anything I didn't mention a price for or didn't mention, so once again, ouch!)

in TN

Sep. 3rd, 2005 07:50 pm
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well I'm here, so less posts for a few. (slow internet conection, thus more with drawl from me and when I do get back I'll probably post like theres no tomrrow!) anyway I think I'll get less beading done then I thought so.. oh well. but I do plan on getting the reserch done for the victory dress then when I get home on to the mocks of both the br dress and the victory dress (hopefully) I also want to take a look at the red witches dress, though that is in the back and in the if's. okay well.. I'll try to keep up with the beading here. (it's so nice not to have anything, and not be able to do anything, to do for a day and a half) oh and also found a few patterns I'm thinking I could modify, (I can't remember the numbersI'll post later when I figure out if I can use it, also thinkgin about the just breathe dress but not sure)


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