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and got a photobucket account... (this is like LJ where you can upgrade it adn pay and have special things or you can keep using a free account and have ads etc right? but anyway... here is my pics of my br dress... it is taked to the ud so it stays where I need it... http://photobucket.com/albums/f187/lordofhaladin/ hope this works!
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but FYI the paisley looks horrid in the pics.... sorry! but low light and cel cam...


Feb. 8th, 2006 10:13 am
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took the pics last night, so I'll try to post them today... but I don't want to be rude and take up the whole list so, can some one help me? I can't for the life of e figure out hoe to post pics behind a cut... the imagehosting place I've been using won' show up when behind a cut.. it just shows up as normal writing.... any suggestions? (or else you will be at my mercy and have lots of pics! ;p) (as you can tell.. I'm also compleatly done with this dress... finished last night...

br dress

Feb. 6th, 2006 01:53 pm
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well... I finished the amazing technicolor underdress (aka the br under dress) and here are some pics

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

the colors on the first a bit coloser to actual colors, except a little too light (on the body only, the sleeves are hard to get the colors right....), but thats a pretty goos pic. yes the lower sleevs are difernt sizes, how I do not know. I cut them out at the same time, but oh well... I'll modify it later. also the upper sleeves are the same size but one of my trims is about 1/4" taller then the otehr and I forgot to sew it on 1/4" lower then the otehr so..... but it doesn't look bad on and actually in person it doesn't look taht bad, just pics have a funny way of making everything look like crap.... but workin on the overdress now, 9actaully lucnh braek) till I have to go to work... and since I dond't really order enough fabric for it its going to have a godet, and a short train (well short compared to my useual.. ;p) and not much puddle action either so perhaps I'll actaully be able to walk in this one? ;D well off for luch then sewing! (oh excuse the mess on my bed, and also one of my lights burnt out so ignore that too....)


Sep. 20th, 2005 12:46 pm
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aggghhhhhh!!!! they are out of both scarlett velvet and my matelasse! so i can't start on any projects shopping list!!!!!


Sep. 16th, 2005 11:37 am
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thinking of just going ahead and ordering supplyies, but can't decide if i should order the red velvet from thai silks (it's FINALLY back in) or ordering the matelasse with it (it's backordered and we're moving by next month) or not ordering the matelasse right now, or getting the beads for the victory dress or getting the dye and habotai from dharma, OR getting the navy velvet from syfabrics...... not good at this decision making thing when it comes to fabrics...... and I've decided to save $1000 for Disney 9that will be everything transportation and gifts, (all meals are paid for) and drinks in the park, but not sure if thats enough... also want to get a desktop for myself, but can't decide, Gateway or Dell? both are same price, and I only want a school computer and so I can save lots of pics (costuming)..... ah well.. more water to build bridges over.


Sep. 6th, 2005 10:43 pm
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hmm today, well I worked lunch, then I came home (after erends) and clenaed the bathroom and my bed room (so many spiders! ugh) then i set about beading, I've done 4 clusters today, (I have about 36 left to do, yay!) also thinking about making the sleeves detachable due to the beading,(I figured out why they were beraking, evedentaly I used some broken beads and that broke the thread) so other then that did nothing, working tomarrow too and thursday and (of course) fri and sat. I hope to get alot of the beading done so I can start and finish the other sleeve then start on the victory or br dress asap. (just need to save the cash!) hmmm I think thats it... i don't think I'll be able to think tomarrow, (they're doing the surgey tomarrow)
also watching "Rome week" and I have to say I love that history! though now it's making me add more to my work/hobby load, I want to be able to speak/understand/read latin better, then greek is in line and as always, Quenya. also I want to find/make tme to draw, I miss it. (I haven't been able to draw a protrait in months!)

in TN

Sep. 3rd, 2005 07:50 pm
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well I'm here, so less posts for a few. (slow internet conection, thus more with drawl from me and when I do get back I'll probably post like theres no tomrrow!) anyway I think I'll get less beading done then I thought so.. oh well. but I do plan on getting the reserch done for the victory dress then when I get home on to the mocks of both the br dress and the victory dress (hopefully) I also want to take a look at the red witches dress, though that is in the back and in the if's. okay well.. I'll try to keep up with the beading here. (it's so nice not to have anything, and not be able to do anything, to do for a day and a half) oh and also found a few patterns I'm thinking I could modify, (I can't remember the numbersI'll post later when I figure out if I can use it, also thinkgin about the just breathe dress but not sure)
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well so i could'nt find the exact date (I haven't started keeping a log till recently so sorry about that) but heres waht I could gather

Elrond aug 21 04 - 1/31/05 (inc the belt I had to wait for and the emb and everything else, I actlually finishe in dec, the first date i posted)

Battle dress (I'm still not too happy about it but it's done for now, perhaps if I have a sword I'll be happir with it ;)) 2/27 (or earlier I couldn't find the exact date I started studying it) well not just looked through the archives at ACS and I remember starting studying this dress during Elrond so I'm going with the earliest post there- sept 20 04 - (till I had the Vambraces done) 6/25/05

br trim dyed the fabric 3/5/05 (can't find the date on this one, I'll try the archives again well can't find it but I know for a fact I posted there, and I finished fast in about two months so) 5 somthing
started on the mock 11/23/05
finished dress in about 4 days... (after long hietus) finished 2/7/06

meanwhile 3 Jedi costumes made in one day each about a week before SW ep 3

hope dress start 6/29/05 (all but sleeves form that point on. done is a week from there) - 11/10/05

GG. velvet and trims gotten around 11/27/05 mock strated 11/27/05 finished 1/10/06 (took a break for Disney)

Victory dress started on mock 11/11/05
"finished" the jacket (aside from beads) 11/23/05 (took a break for Disney and money purposes)
dyed the matelasse 1/9/06 finished under dress 1/13/06
finished everything 1/17/06

secret started 1/25/06 finished 6/7/06 must get pics of this

skirt, about 2 days includ embelishments. (can't find dates)  must get pics

fukuhara's shirt about two weeks this thing was a pain! drafting, buyinf, dyeing etc. (too lazy to find dates)

door thing fro DT (not looking for dates) about 4 hours. incl shopping. ;p

mirror. muslin (sometime before march 21st) lining march 26th (cut sewn)
dress fabric ordered march 17th got it april 14th dress cut and sewn april 16th finihed april 19th 2006

mourning gown trim started I don't know, can't find the dates.... possibly feb or march. worked on it on and off. ttrim and dress done 6/21/06 (dress started 6/19/06?) no true mock done. used battle dress "pattern"  need pics of this as well

cranberry started 6/24/06 took break and finished 8/20/06

gwen started 6/14/06 finished (dress and loops) 7/5/06 finished belt 8/20/06

started on dorme belt buckle 8/24/06 dorme mock made sometime 10/05 put up till I started cutting and sewing the jacket 10/21/06 just need to get the fabric and dye for the dress, but the jacket and everything is doen on the 10/25 or so...)  finished dorme (finnally) 4/22/07 but to give myself credit, I did just get the fabric on friday 4/20/07

PR LJ dress.. done in three days at most.. 8 hours will find dates later

headless horseman.. will find date later finished 10/15/06

shield maiden started officialy 10/13/06 underdress(started not done) vest and corset and trim done on 11/12/06 finished everything on 12/16/06 (had to wait for fabric and money though.... so small break)

arya, started on corset 11/12/06 finished corset 11/18/06 finished all

lucius malfoy started 11/26/06 (spent so far 61 bucks, just got beaver fur fomr ebay, for 10 bucks will take some time later to make the clasps and brooch and by the walking stick...) finished the coat, (12/20/06)now I just need to make te clasps and buy the walking stick.. forget the hat... too much fuzz. ;p finished everything except one small detail including gettign the wand and teh belt done I am done 12/29/06

coronation sleeves started somtime in november.... I think... finished both pper sleeves 1/1/07 starting on neckline design same day. (call it boredom. ;p finished the emb n sleeves and underdress, need t add beads and start on the faux trim 1/25/07

random dress

started on mock for POTC wedding on 1/8/07 remocked fabric ordered looked at more, forgot about and started the skirt applique by hand 2/28/07 finished this dress emb etc on 3/30/07  now all I have left to do is the veil and crown thingy and the shoes. shoes and veil done 4/2/07

redheaded wench 2/10/07 finished all but the roses and the accssories like fishnets wig and pumps. but "all" done on 2/15/07

sometime in all this, I also finished Lucius Malfoy deatheater and started on a wedding dress  I really need to update this more often


Aug. 26th, 2005 01:50 pm
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well beaded some more this time I'm doing better on time (20 mins for the whole thing) so perhaps if I get a move on I can have it all done by dec 3.  and I've calculated wrong the first time only 77 clusters (combining the halves I have in there)  and I have 15 done, I've used about hald a lb of the 1/4" bugals I got from firemountain (I ordered 3 lbs now I guess I wont have to order more for the requieum trim I was planing on doing further down the line) and I've only used about 7.5 grams of the 1/8" bugals for the 15 clusters and about 6 grams for the seed beads (and i think I have about 120 grams of each of those right now) so I should have enough so i can finish, but I keep having a panic attack that the stores will suddenly quit selling them and I'll be stuck without the beads I need so I keep compulsivly buying more and more beads every time I go to the store (the unexspected expense I mentioned)  and for some reason i don't ever buy more beading needles (dispite the fact I keep breaking them, but so far I've had incredably good luck for me anyway and the pack I bought had 5 needles in it instead of 4 so I'm good for now)  oh well I'm happy for now, I hope I get paid for last week soon and I hope I get paid for this week on sat (my reg pay day) I have to take time off (next sat) so I can got to TN and visit the Grandparents, (Papas surgery is on the 8th) so i have to remember to tell Hiro that I need the 3rd off.  hate last minute things.....   also thinking of actually starting on my mocks and ordering fabric but can't decide what I want to do first br or victory.....  also have to figure out if the insert is emb or paint or couched somthing.... oh and got some (free) swatches from distinctivefabric.com for the red witches costume for the velvet (I'm sure its silk velvet crushed) unfortunatly stretch, and some brocade for the lining (also synthetic) but this is just a quick thing if I actually decide on absolutly doing this costume I might opt for more expensive fabric, silks and such. but still undecided and have alot going on right now.  oh not to mention we have to be out of the house by the end of Sept, so have to finish cleaning on Sunday and start moving things in.  I wanted to see brothers Grimm on Sun but first things first....  oh and also wrote to thai silks due to the new sense of urgency to get the fabric to see if they have a tracking number....


Aug. 23rd, 2005 09:22 pm
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aggghhhh! I jsut wrote this all out and this just erased it all!

(just breathe) okay I got alot of beading done (four clusters) I had to take alot of breaks and time b/c I still have this killer headache, but all in all I've had a productive day, like i said i got some beading done, I did housework, we went to the new house and cleaned a tad more.  got Pip a new toy and some dog food, and I've now decided it's bad for me to look at the Red Witches costume from Brothers Grimm, the more I see it the more I want to make it!  but first i have to make the victory dress the br dress and finish the hope dress (and that is why I need to be a millionaire and have about 5 dummies, I so need another dummy, (so i can start on all these mocks)) I need to still figure out why my printer is kaput then i can really study the red costume, but I think it's all crushed red velvet and about 8-10mm habotai with boning. but it looks fairly simple to construct.  and also as for the br dress I need to get habotai, dye, navy silk velvet, and the red silk velvet (I asked [livejournal.com profile] padawansguide  since she just finished her br dress, thanks again [livejournal.com profile] cleopatramwi ) and I will need about 5 yrds for the sleeves, so 5 for the body of both the underdress and overdress and 5 more for the sleeves and the lining.  I'm thinking it's cheeper if I just get a 10-50 yard bolt of habotai from Dharma and that should cover a few things. and on top of all this I'm thinking of re-doing the under dress of my battle dress (I'm just not too happy with it, I want silk chiffon and silk lining I get hot easily and I need fabric to breathe) but thats on the back of my project list. oh and I also want to do the "Just Breathe" dress from Ever After, I'm just getting that I should invest in another dummy (and a fabric company of my own ;) ) and I should make a list to keep my priorities in line.  okay my headache is gone now and I'm feeling up to another beading marathon!


Aug. 22nd, 2005 10:16 pm
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ah well got some beading done, (one leaf cluster) more then I thought I would get done today so thats good. also been looking at swatches for the br dress I'm thinking the navy from syfabrics (just like the thai silks one but about half the price) and I think I'm in love with the scarlett color from thai silks (I'll see if I can find the #...) ha! 0036-201 it looks brown on the site but its really bright red it still doesn't go very well with my trim but I just love the color so much! perhaps I'll add more gold to my trim to make it "pop", but first I need to know how much I need for the sleeves I'm thinking 4 yards, but must test before (I'll be bumed if I buy 4 yards and only need two) but I don't know... should I buy the matalasse too? (they alreaddy discontinued the one I really had my eye on for the victory gown and they seem to be the only ones who sell silk matalasse) but if I buy the fabrics together it would be about $200 and thats way out of my budget right now. *sigh* oh well, perhaps test first but I have to say I don't want to wait too long....
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well got the swatches from syfabrics today, I have to day the navy is absolutly gorgeous! the red however.. it would be perfect if I didn't already have the paisly picked and the trim made, my trim and paisley is more burgundy then blood red, well actually it's more blood red an the dress red is more orange red, but either way I don't think it will look right the reds would clash and the trim I made would end up looking like crap. so the alt is wait for the other swatches. (thanks again!) and if neither looks right I guess I can always dye velvet though I'm a tad apperhensive about that (my last dying exp was badly done) and the fact that dharmas dye pics are not true to color and there is no way to tell till you dye things.... *sigh* oh well more water under the bridge that I'll cross when I get to it, but I still might go ahead and buy the navy soon... but first I have the victory dress to gather supplys on and make the mock, and not to mention the hope dress that I'm beginning to belive that I'll be beading for all eternity, (probably not get it done in time for Disney) and I'm so glad I said nothing to my sis about the dress I've been planing for here and wanted done for Disney as well, but I do want to do that, the whole moving thing is really putting a dampener on things.... oh well...
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well just ordered the fabric from thai silks, got a conformation this time, we'll see how this is..... now for the victory dress all I need is the beads (from fire mountain) and the matelasse (thai silks if there is no other alt) and the dye from dharma. so about 100 for the fabric 7 for the dye and 50 for the beads so $160 for the rest.... and I'm forgetting the lining.... sheesh this will be pricy! but I want to get a 11 or 50 yrad bolt of 5mm habotai from dharma 45" so I think for 50 yrd bolt of that is about 100 bucks... sheesh, perhaps just buy enough for the projects I have in the works for now. (the br dress and the victory dress I think I have everything for the hope dress, for now)


Aug. 14th, 2005 01:52 pm
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just ordered swatches of navy and chinese red silk velvet from syfabrics.com, they say the red has some orange in it so I'm hoping I don't have to dye my own red for the br dress.


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