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I am thinking of selling off some of my costume closet, if you know someone who would make a good home for one or more of these let me know.

all of these are made for moi, most are about a size 4-6, some are a bit bigger or can be adjusted. most are less than what I put in them but I really would rather they go to a good home than sit in my closet forever.

but I need money and I have more costumes then I will ever use and some I never have. the fun for me is making them. I can't display them and quite frankly if I want to wear them i'll make another one. so if you see anythign you like give me a holler.

up for sale:

Redheaded wench (potc the ride) pictures are here: http://haladin-cos.livejournal.com/3202.html#cutid1 this would include the dress, corset, necklace, hat (if you really want it I'll part with the wig too for added $$) $100

Arya (Eragon the movie) pictures (not great) http://haladin-cos.livejournal.com/2099.html#cutid1 would be the skirt and the top only. (lined in silk, top is leather.)$125

Eowyns Victory dress http://haladin-cos.livejournal.com/4855.html (dress and coat) $250

dorme http://haladin-cos.livejournal.com/7122.html#cutid1 because AA burt me out on SW. it has the skirt, top and jacket $150

and I think thats it for now, there are a few I am debating about. but I can't make up my mind... anyways... let me know!

buyer pays shipping.
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